Monday, May 10, 2010

What to do next....

I loved...LOVED..doing my window projects in Portland. 
The supply of old windows were abundant and people
would rather give them away then take them to the
dump. I got many of my old windows for free
from craiglist, but's another story.  I cannot find them anywhere for less than $30!  I just can't justify spending that much for a broke down old window. 

So, I'm sad, hoping that one day I'll hit
the window jackpot so I can get back into it.

So lately I've been "trying" to sew.  I think that I've done pretty well for a beginner, but it's hard to measure up to all the crafty women in my family.  My grandma is a seamstress that made all of my aunts gowns for pageants, all my barbie clothes, upholsters furniture, crochets and paints.  My mom can sew very well too and made all my dresses for the dances in high school, used to decorate cakes (quite well if I do say so), and can refinish a piece of furniture like a pro.  So, as my husband always says, I just need the right tools:)

Off to Home Depot to build a sewing station. 

I discovered the scrap wood box in the back and the manager in the department made me an incredible deal.  I spent about $30 and made myself a sewing table that will eventually be dual purpose for scrapbooking and a couple of pegboards, one for above my "craft station" and one for tools so my dear husband can find his screwdrivers and such.  

So now I have the right tools, well location that is, to start sewing.  Now, to only find the time....hummmm?

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