Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've been saving egg cartons for the last few months.  Not only to makes some fun crafts but also so Chloe and I can start some flower seeds.  We planted some seeds, but it seemed like the weather just wasn't on our side.  One night it rained and mommy left the seeds in the rain and um mm, they flooded.  So there I stood in a downpour trying to poke a hole in the cartons so water could drain.  That seemed to do the trick, well, until the winds.  Then the wind swept the poor egg carton and it was up and away.  Luckily one out of the three survived.  We babied our little seedlings (Cosmos) the next few weeks until they were finally big enough to plant in the ground. 
Only about 6 or 7 survived, so Chloe and I picked
out some more seeds to plant with it.  I'll admit it
was really me that picked out the next seeds to plant. 

I have fond childhood memories of picking
Cornflowers (Bachelor Buttons) for my grandma and bringing them inside so proud as if I "found" them and didn't actually just pick them out of her garden.  She would humor me everyday by acting like it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen and putting them in a little glass right by the sink.  They require warm temperatures and since it's getting down right hot here, it was the perfect time to get them going.   

We found the perfect spot to plant our seeding and
seedlings, in a strip of ugly dirt between the fence
and the driveway.  Chloe and I started pulling
up the weeds, mixing topsoil with the existing
dirt, and digging a little trench for our seeds. 
Chloe is definitely in the "I DO IT" stage.  She
insisted that she knew exactly what to do and I
was pretty amazed that she wasn't just throwing
the seeds around, but actually putting them in the
hole we dug for them.  To our amazement, those seeds that we purchased for 5/$1 sprouted in 3 days!!  We now have little plants about 2 inches tall, we that was until yesterday...


Ugg....So this little ugly creature must have been stirring during the night looking for food when it saw our freshly watered beautiful plants, all in a row and decided that it was the perfect place to look for some grub worms.  He dug up our entire bed!!!  I noticed it at about 630am when I went out to water so I replanted it as well as I could before Chloe woke up.  Okay, so I didn't know it was Armadillo right.  I assumed Jimmy drove over our poor little babies when he was backing out of the driveway until I remember he parked outside of our temporary gate.  My aunt was the one that clued me in on these icky creatures and Jimmy told me later that morning he had actually saw one, not in our yard, but by the gate.

Although I have been around Armadillo's before, I don't like them and they freak me out.  They're ugly like a possum with a creepy shell.  The only things I like with a shell are cute little turtles and of course Crab, which is mighty tasty.  So please, shell creature, leave our baby seedlings alone.  I know you don't understand, but this has been a mighty long process and I don't want to explain to a 2 year old that some ugly creature destroyed her plants, again...

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  1. just one more reason to come back to the nw.....EWWWWWWWW!!!! what an ugly little creature