Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful beautiful women in my life, whether you're a mother, grandmother, or fabulous auntie, I love you and you are all inspiration to me:) Whether we consider ourselves to have had a great childhood or a not so great childhood, remember the women in your life that helped you grow into the person you are today.

I read a beautiful quote:
“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one” - Jill Churchill

Chloe and I decided to make my present for my mom. I got the idea from my aunt and ran with it. It resembles the stargazer lawn ornaments that you find in the stores, but of course it's way better since it's homemade:) I posted an ad on for a bowling ball. If you've never heard of, it's a wonderful yahoo community where you can give items away or search for items. It has a moderator, so I feel it's far better than craigslist in that aspect. I received the bowling ball almost 2 hours after I posted the ad and the lady met me at Walmart. YEAH!!! 1st step complete. The second thing that we had to do is get glass beads, the type that you put in flower pots or fish aquariums. The Dollar Tree is our best friend. We found all colors, shapes, and sizes. I wanted to follow a blue/green color scheme, and wouldn't you know, that's all they carried!!

We got it home and cleaned it really good. We use an all Simple Green all purpose cleaner. All I got to say is YUCK. This bowling ball must have been old and waxed a few too many times.

Then let the gluing begin. I started on the top, which I now know that I would have started on the bottom (where the finger holes are) next time.

I had to make a little brace (I made mine out of foil) to keep the beads from slipping while drying. I did about 2 rows and then let it sit for a bit (made and ate dinner, then went back, etc..)

Once it's was about 1/3 done and dried, I flipped it over, put it on the stand (that I purchased at Hobby Lobby) and the gluing was far more easier. No need to use a brace to hold them it place.

I was able to finish it in about an hour!! We're thrilled with the finished product and it only cost $5 but we put a lot of heart into it.
Glistening in the Sun!!


  1. that is a really neat idea, Jessie, and the end product turned out cute! Good job!!

  2. That's so cute! Clever idea using the foil to keep the stones in place. I made a doorstop out of an old bowling ball and stuck some bright flowers in the finger and thumb holes, but your method is especially awesome for spring and summer!

  3. Thanks Pam!! I never thought of using a bowling ball as a door stop. Mostly here in the south we're trying to keep the doors closed and the HUGE bugs out:)Thanks everyone for stoppin by.