Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Customer Service is still alive!

On the 5th of July, me and the kids crammed into our little car and decided to leave for a little vay kay.
16 hours later, 3 play stops, numerous diaper changes, going pee pee in the potty at the "Scenic Overlook" (Which by the way, I saw a man come out of the woods carrying a newspaper and a roll of toilet paper.  No Shit!!), feeding and drugging the cranky teething baby in a gas station parking lot, 3 Sugar Free RockStars, and a whole bag of goldfish later, we arrived in Oklahoma.  When I say we were in Oklahoma, I don't mean Oklahoma City..  I'm talking about the middle of no where, around the area where I was born & raised til I was about 10.  My Aunt & Uncle live in Northwestern Oklahoma between 2 small towns (one is 8 miles in one direction and the other is about 12 miles the other direction) that have a total of 1400 combined residents.  The smallest town I have lived in within the last 16 yr, oh dang, 17 years (know I feel my age) was population 3500 and I had a graduating class of 60.  Small, small, small. And all can I tell you....
How freaking refreshing!!

After visiting the grocery store once with my Auntie, I went in alone and I could hear a clerk say, "Oh, that's blah blah blah's niece." Did I stand out?  Probably!  Did I give a crap?  Hell No!  So, when I said that I went to the grocery store by myself, the most interesting thing happened.   Well, the lady that checked me out.... loaded my groceries in the truck for me.  I'm a perfectly capable girl...I mean, have you looked at me? And when I started to help, she said "No No Sweetheart...This is my job."  Are you freaking kidding me?  Is customer service still alive in this sleepy little town?  I can't go to Wal-mart without getting an eye roll from the deli people, because oh no, now they have to get off their fat ass and do something..Oh forbid..You actually have to take the little slab of turkey out of the case and I don't know...DO YOUR JOB, You know, the one you're paid for.  Well, get this.  You chose this job and if you don't like it, there are plenty of people that would be standing in line for it.  I might be freaking one of them soon.  I get that I may be a "customer service nazi" but damn it, I deserve to be.  I busted my ass for 10 years being nice to people, whom frankly, about one in ten didn't deserve it.  And believe you me, if I missed smile or "almost" spilled a drink, my boss would hear all about it.  So when I hear "Oh, it's laid back in the South.", I want to scream!
"What you call laid back, I call lazy!!!" And please when I say this, I'm not saying everyone in the south is lazy, but damn the customer service that I have ran into here in the deep south sucks the big one.  I have gotten excellent service two times and I made sure to commend them to their boss, like they deserve.  Obviously it doesn't come natural to a lot of people. 

So the question is whether I should ban Wal-mart from my life.  Every time I return home, I want to drink...A LOT!!  Which isn't exactly abnormal, but that's all I can come up with at the moment. 
#1   It's about 1 1/2 miles from my house.  Convenient, but I swear I could drive across town and go to Piggly Wiggly and get home at the same time.   
#2  Their prices really are good.  I'm a bargain shoppin, coupon clippin fool and I feel like I'm getting the same items for less there.  But is it really worth the extra $5?? These days, it might be..

#3  The Self Checkout Lanes are always open...One at a time!  It's easy, no fuss, in and out.  There could be people stacked all the way across the aisle and do you think they would open the self checkout for us folks with a case of diapers and a case of beer? Oh hell no!!

#4  Bagging my milk...Really?  Why is that necessary? Reduce/Recycle/Reuse...Heard of it?
Oh, probably not..Here's a little symbol that you might want to get use to..

#5  The parking lot...All I have to say is pure hell...I lived in a city of 500,000 and didn't have a single door ding.  I've been here for a year and I have 3!! WTF??

So I have decided that when I don't have to find a "real job" and not worry about making money, AKA: When I win the lottery, I'm going to start a Customer Service Consulting firm..  That is if I'm not too busy working on my tan on the beaches of St. Thomas.

Watch out world:)


  1. I love this. Yep, the parking lots....why do people spend their days hanging out at the Walmart parking lot? Glad you got a good dose of customer service on your trip.

  2. You tell em girl...and oh, guess what!!?? TARGET is financially supporting gay-bashing candidates....you prolly already new that. I never imagined my life without Target but I don't know if I can support them anymore.....