Thursday, June 10, 2010

It happened. I didn't want it to...But, it did!

I caved...I did it...I didn't in my wildest dreams ever think it was possible.  I am now a Twilight fan aka Twi-hard!!! I'm even scared a little bit to say it out loud.  It's kinda reminds me of what my husband always says:  "We like Justin Timberlake..We just don't talk about it!" Differently, I WANT to talk about it.  This is how it started.

My dear friend Allyson from good ole Boise, ID came to visit in May.  On one of our many shopping adventures we stumbled into TG Maxx.  It's truly one of my guilty pleasures heading to shoes looking for Dansko's and then off to clearance.  They always have so much fun stuff, mostly broken things from lamps to picture frames to Mrs. Meyer's Cleaner, which is now one of my favorites.  Wouldn't you know there with an aura surrounding it was "Twilight", "New Moon", and "Eclipse" all for $5 each!!! She was jumping up and down with pleasure.  I must have snarled a little when she jerked around and gasped, "You have not read these??"  Of course I have not read these.  My life is now filled with endless diapers and laundry with little time to even shower.  Well and also in true honesty, I've seen all the freaks on TV and me and my family are not the type to be sporting those terrible Twilight T-Shirts.  I won't even let my sweet babies sport Winnie the Pooh!!  I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat, well a big scaredy cat of "scary stuff" and I couldn't even watch the movie Babe because it made me sick to my stomach thinking someone was about to eat something that spoke.  Needless to say, that's never made me not want to eat bacon, so why would this be any different? 

After Allyson left, I cracked the first book open after the family went to bed.  The next time I looked at the clock it was 1:30 am and I grumbled not only because I didn't want to put it down, but I knew my sweet little man would be up rearing to go at 6am.  So with that said, it took me 3 days to read Twilight, 2 days to read New Moon, and 2 days to read Eclipse.  What has gotten in to me??? I couldn't even read 2 magazines from cover to cover in one week?  I was hooked and all I could think about was getting the last and final chapter Breaking Dawn.  I went to see Sex and the City 2 with Anita, and sorry girls if you have not seen it, it just wasn't as good as the first one, but what did I do next at 9:30pm.  Oh yes, it was off to Walmart, my own personal hell.  I stood in the speedy checkout lane for 20 minutes to get this damn book.  That's dedication!! It's what I'll assume it's like for someone hooked on drugs.  You get a taste and you want more more more!!

I just finished Breaking Dawn and I loved it although I'm a little sad it's OVER....sniffle sniffle.  There is definitely not any books that have done this to me and I'm sure my dear hubby hopes I don't find any other ones soon.  "Leftovers, AGAIN??" haha  Next mission:  Movies.  The first two are already on DVD (my mom already owns, hurray!!) and Eclipse comes to the theater on June 30th.  And yes, I will be there.  I won't be decked out in the T-Shirt, but trying to look incognito like it's not written all over my face:)

UPDATE (5 MINUTES AFTER POSTING):  I just read on the authors website that she's writing another one...Oh Lord, here we go..A rough draft was illegally leaked on the Internet, so the author decided to make a copy available to her "true" fans so no one would feel dishonest.  It's called Midnight Sun:)

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  1. I read "Midnight Sun" on Stephanie's website. It was good, but it wasn't the whole book. Also, there is the book she just released about of the newborn vampires from Eclipse. I think you can read that online too! Glad to have another fellow over 30 Twi-hard to relate to!